Lee Hacklander for Prior Lake City Council

Lee Hacklander for Prior Lake City Council

Candidate: Lee Hacklander
Website: https://hacklanderforcitycouncil.com/

Position Sought: Prior Lake City Council
Election Date: November 3, 2020

If elected to the Prior Lake City Council, I will encourage open and broad discussion, and I will be receptive to alternative perspectives. Council decisions are often required prior to the arrival of perfect information. I will persevere to gather as much information as possible to inform each vote. Where or when information is lacking, my decisions will center around the values for our community. I will work to retain and grow our relationships with our community partners, the SMSC, and our neighbor cities and townships, and the school districts.

Political advertisement paid for by Committee to Elect Lee Hacklander to Prior Lake City Council. Approved by Lee Hacklander.

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