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Pat Maher for Congress 2024

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Candidate: Patricia Maher
Position Sought: Congress NY-04
Primary Date: June 25,2024
Election Date: Nov. 5, 2024

Join me and let’s shake-up Washington D.C.

I am running for Congress because women's rights and human rights across the country are being reversed. When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade declaring that the constitutional right to abortion, upheld for nearly a half century, no longer existed, we were all in shock. It was just the beginning. Less than a year later, the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Florida, Nikki Fried was arrested for protesting the extreme six week abortion ban in Florida. It was more than enough for me to enter this race. We live in an extremely divided country where hurting people has become the norm, whether through gun violence or codifying cruel laws. It's hard to believe that we have gone back this far.

I decided to re-enter politics to run for Congress because the student loan debt that millions of Americans suffer from has created $1.7 trillion worth of debt. I went to law school later in life and incurred student loan debt.

Millions of Americans, including those in the 4th C.D. are saddled with debt from student loans and personal loans. Students as well as their parents who co-signed loans for them have been inflicted with debt. When I read about the recent legislation that passed in the House of Representatives, The Limit, Save, Grow Act which included the cancellation of the income driven repayment plan which has helped millions of Americans stay afloat, I decided to fight back against debt and run for Congress. The bill now sits in the Senate and hopefully will never be brought to the floor.

I am also passionate about ensuring that our 9-11 first responder retirees have the health insurance they were promised.

“We need laws to help individuals get out of debt, to protect basic human rights and to protect our children. We have gone backwards and as your next Congresswoman, I will fight to put this country back on track.”

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