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Improve Your SEO With The Right Information

Oct 12, 2016

You would be surprised at how often simple yet critical information is left out of some local campaign websites. Here is critical information that should always be included when building out your political campaign website.

1. State/Municipality/Office Sought

It’s amazing how many local campaign websites say “Candidate X for Mayor”, but don’t actually mention the state that the municipality is located in. If you’re running for office in Montgomery, is that Montgomery, Alabama or Montgomery, New York? Be specific. Help your visitors (and the search engines) by providing the right geographic cues.

2. The Primary/General Election Date

Don’t assume that everyone knows the day they need to go out and vote for you. Add the year, as well. A lot of old websites out there are asking for votes, even though Election Day has come and gone.

3. Election Information

Include local election information, such as where people can vote and how they can register. Link to local government election information to help visitors find the information they are seeking.

4. Specific Local Issues

Be specific. The more local the campaign, the more specific the issues become. Don’t just say ‘our traffic problems’, say ‘TinyTown’s traffic problems’. Again, this helps you appear for more relevant – though not necessarily political – searches. Link out to other sources if applicable. Search engines look at links coming and going from web pages to determine if content is relevant for user queries.

5. Full Contact Information

Provide full contact information for your campaign. This will be helpful to both voters and the media. After all, if they can’t easily contact you when you’re running for office, why would they think you would be more responsive when you’re actually elected?

Combine this information into your site, and this will help the search engine optimization of your website – and also provide to site visitors information about who you are, what you are running for and what you stand for.

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